High Fidelity is about a man who owns a record store, is obsessed with the numbers 1-5, music, smoking, and women. His life falls apart when his girlfriend breaks up with him, he is then found frantically organizing and re-alphabetizing his record collection, talking to random women, and making daily to do lists with the numbers 1-5. By the end of the movie, he puts his life back together by healing his relationship with his girlfriend.

To demonstrate the reoccurring themes in this movie, I took a record and broke it into different pieces. I then put the record back together and photoshopped all the original information out. The broken record that's put back together symbolizes the main characters life falling apart and being restored. 

The colors red and purple were used to show slight vibration to iterate "high fidelity" and the information at the bottom of the page is listed through the numbers 1-5, and shifted in alignment to mock the broken pieces of the record. 

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